Adonis Cabaret | Male Strippers

Male strippers: Hunky? Check. Gorgeous? Check. Hilarious??

Attempt to write any article about the Adonis Cabaret and you’ll be drawn into inevitable comparisons with certain other well-known troops of male strippers.

It’s unlikely you’ll be able to even get to the end of the first paragraph without using the word ‘Chippendales’. See? We’ve done it there already. What may surprise you is just how favourable the comparisons are, because Adonis Cabaret sets its stall out to be more than a little different from its competitors.

Sure, all male stripper groups want to entertain, but the entertainment tends to start and end with the guys’ shedding clothes from their buff bodies until they’re buff in more ways than one. There are few ladies who would disagree that a toned, glistening hunk of testosterone gyrating before them always qualifies as ‘a good thing’ –especially if you’re on a wild hen weekend or a birthday bash – but if that’s where it ends then isn’t it all just a bit… well… limited?

If all you want from your male strippers is pound upon pound of prime beef then you could get the same effect from standing in the freezer at McDonalds. Surely you’re entitled to more?

Yes you want glistening torsos, yes you want guys so muscled that they look as if they’re smuggling melons into the country; of course you want to be turned on and driven wild by guys who make Brad Pitt look like the runt of the litter.

But don’t you also want entertainment? Fun? Laughter?

The Adonis Cabaret gives you everything you could ever want in the guy department, but then pushes it up several notches with a full show of comedy and high camp. Think of it as being serviced by George Clooney, Graham Norton and Lee Evans all at the same time.

On second thoughts, perhaps it’s better if you didn’t think of it quite like that but you get the idea.

Adonis Cabaret Show: the ultimate girls’ night out

There’s a fine line to tread when it comes to male strippers.

Your birthday party or hen night guests want a show that’s exciting and sexy, titillating and tantalising. They don’t want seedy and a bit sad.

The Adonis Cabaret Show fits the bill perfectly. This is top quality male stripper entertainment that doesn’t resort to gross-out humour and lurid sensationalism.

Here’s what they say about themselves: “A refreshingly different comedy show for a hen night that breaks all the rules. Good looking guys and drag compere host a night of fun antics for your hen party. These hunks, in (and out of) a variety of characters and costumes will have you in hysterics, whilst keeping within the boundaries of good taste.”

The Adonis Cabaret is available at five locations across the country and at each of them you can expect the finest guys, the very best entertainment and all of the following:

* The UK’s most exciting drag queens and comics

* Adonis Cabaret Full Monty show with sexy comedy strippers

* A hunky male hen party attendant and group photographer

* Meet the performers after the show

* A buffet dinner (with a third of the menu catering for vegetarians).

* Free cocktail reception to get your hens or fellow party girls in the mood.

* Free party photo gifts for all your birthday or hen party guests

* Free hen queen or birthday sash.

Adonis Cabaret – stripping all over the UK!